12 September 2005

Mistakes can be costly. Many mistakes result from a lack of proper attention and diligence. This is never so true as it is when a property owner discovers that purchased insurance does not cover a particular risk.

Examples include (but are not limited to) homeowner’s insurance that doesn’t cover damage due to flooding, earthquakes, a neighbor’s tree falling through your house, damage due to a city sewer problem, etc. That list truly can go on and on.

In the face of the very public (media) debate that will no doubt occupy vast blocks of time during the coming months, every property owner should sit down with a trusted insurance representative and evaluate each and every calamity that might happen along. The time and education you’ll receive will no doubt remove many of the surprises you might get.

We talked previously about several of the articles concerning the legal battles on the Gulf Coast. As things move from the ridiculous to the absurd, beware.

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