It's Going to be a Good Weekend

9 September 2005

Technology frustrates as much as it helps. Yet, when it turns the corner, it can be fantastic.

After several days of a mysterious ftp problem, my ftp software simply worked today. This site is now (successfully) running Textpattern’s latest version.

Also, somewhat unexpectedly, I’ve now made Shaun Inman’s Mint work. I updated to version 1.06 and it appears to be functioning normally. A word or two of caution may be in order.

First, Mint doesn’t feel like a single product that you pay for, download and begin enjoying. Rather, it feels like a set of software. You have multiple downloads to do. You have files to edit. You have pages or templates in your weblog which need to be edited. Then, you have some installation steps that must be followed to the letter of the law. Otherwise, you might become frustrated.

Then, with all due care, you can begin tampering with something else called Pepper and the additional software features that other developers offer for Mint. All of that is still a bit fuzzy, as are some features within Mint involving searches and local searches. More when the fuzz falls off.

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