From Texas to California

28 August 2005

The fine folks at TextDrive are using the weekend to move into Level 3’s colocation facility in San Diego. For a host, this involves the installation of new servers and connection to new sources of bandwidth. That work has been done over the past couple of weeks.

The weekend is all about moving information. Those who are good at it make it look easy—like professional golfers make their game look easy. Yet, the 1001 details make the tasks extremely complex. This post is a bit of a test to be certain that my installation of Textpattern on TextDrive is still happy.

By the way—to make a move like this happen, a bunch of very bright people spend big blocks of time doing and monitoring the work, only to need their best brain power late in the process when they are exhausted. At that point the risk of errors skyrockets. Think Apollo 13 without the risk of death!

Here’s a hearty thanks to all those folks for work completed thus far and the huge amount to come.

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