This World Is Not Heaven

22 January 2005

Red states and blue states symbolize a profound difference in the interpretation of what America has been and what it should be. People contest the election and argue about whether:

  • we were on the wrong track, but things are getting better
  • we are on the wrong track and things are getting worse
  • we were on the right track, but now we need a course correction

The debate has been raging for some time. One group thinks we should work toward what the Founders had in mind. Another group believes we cannot know what the Founders had in mind. Still others think the Founders’ views were clear, but we lost that vision long ago.

Two people on very different ends of the political spectrum used the following terms to describe what they see:

Include God or exclude God—tolerate or enforce—liberate or let live—foreign or domestic—fight or flee—love or hate; these underpin our every difference.

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