Decline and Fall of the Rodent Regatta

19 August 2004

For those who are inquiring as to what the problems are with this site. There are several/many. However, the most obvious at this point is the failure of the vertical stripes to show up as they have for many months. The most obvious examples start with the correct look from yesterday, and it is followed by the improper rendering that is currently happening in Firefox and IE6:

  1. Here’s how the site looked yesterday in IE6 [CORRECT].
  2. Here’s how it looks tonight in IE6 [BAD IE6].
  3. A week or so ago, it did the same thing in Firefox [BAD Firefox].

Some have pointed to CSS as the culprit. Others have blamed Firefox. With today’s deterioration in IE6, I’m not sure what to think.

All I know is things are coming apart and Textpattern 1.0 is still not out.

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