Another Test Of Syndication Feeds

19 August 2004

Still modifying and doing trial-and-error work on all the syndication feeds. It really is a shame that the only tips for creating and offering these feeds is written by programmers for programmers.

Unfortunately, it is only a concern for readers that makes me obsess over them. I don’t use them at all, but I know others do.

When the Internet matures a bit, some will realize that this stuff ought to be available for people who have other interests besides code-for-the-sake-of-code.

* * * UPDATE * * * Unfortunately, the RSS 2.0 feed seems to be the only one that is providing the complete entries. The Atom and RDF feeds are displaying only the entry body, not the extended entry. Why?

What do you see in the Atom feed?

What do you see in the RDF feed?

What do you see in the RSS 2.0 feed?

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