Rss, Rdf And Atom

19 August 2004

I’ve spent some time again today editing the templates that create RSS, RDF and Atom feeds for this web site.

My hope is that you can still see the feeds in your news aggregators. I’m also of the opinion that you can now read my entire entry if you subscribe to my RSS 2.0 feed. The RDF feed provides only entry titles. The Atom feed seems to provide only the first part of any entry that has an extended entry.

Anyhow, your comments, suggestions and complaints are always welcome.

  • * * UPDATE * * * For those of you who prefer to subscribe to Atom feeds, I can only apologize for the lack of complete entries. I’ve looked, but cannot find the solution to the problem of my extended entries not showing up in the feed. If you know how to fix this, please let me know. Thanks!

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