Learn To Help Or Learn A Trade

18 August 2004

Two people who write things that make you think believe it’s time to learn a trade. Another person who has a lot of influence in the USA and the world believes that our currency could really see some hard times ahead.

Lean Six Sigma for ServiceOthers lament the offshoring of manufacturing, programming and customer service call centers. More jobs are likely to take that route before returning here.

I believe several things about offshoring. First, it is not nearly as harmful to the macro economy as some say it is. Second, many offshoring decisions have not been carefully considered, and customers will suffer or hidden costs will soar. Finally, there are steps that can be taken to improve operations right here at home. Those steps can narrow – if not eliminate – the gap between the offshoring choice and the current situation.

While it’s not a trade, helping companies improve their operations will be a growth industry during the coming twenty years. While I might be better off as an electrician or a gunsmith, we’ll continue to help companies far and wide with their internal and external business processes and operational choices. What’s your trade?

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