18 August 2004

Eric Meyer On CSSBooks are too expensive. Both of Eric Meyer’s books list for $45.00 each. Fortunately, I don’t pay that, but they’re steep nonetheless.

More Eric Meyer On CSSI’m hoping that by reading book 1 and book 2, I can figure out how to do some of my own redesign work. I know, I know – not a chance – but hope springs eternal.

Remember, I have no idea at all why you are visiting Rodent Regatta, but if you leave a trackback or a comment, the link will be via stevepilgrim.com. And, in spite of that, I’m going to learn CSS. Stop laughing, you’ll hurt my feelings!

Anyhow, I bought some things that are likely to go back to the store, but I want to determine whether they are worth owning permanently or not.

I’ve spent enough on design fees, consultation, software, training courses and books that you’d think pretty soon this $5000.00 education would begin to pay off in some semblance of a style sheet and a weblog that validates. That must be the four-year program, though.

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