Another Simple Web Design Question

18 August 2004

Berkshire Hathaway Common Stock HoldingsI asked about drop shadows on images earlier this week. I’ve just about concluded that the answer is to set up a div or id or class or something in CSS that is specifically for images. It will include the drop shadow effect. Don’t ask me how to do it, but I’m under the impression it’s the ”right” way.

Today, I’ve got another simply question. How do you copy and paste a table of information from a text document into a weblog entry? An image of the table I’m talking about can be seen here. Had I wanted to ”quote” that table here, how was I to do it? Did I need to have the foresight when the original style sheet was created, so that another div or class or id was waiting for me to use it on a table of common stocks?

Am I supposed to truly turn it into an XHTML table with a header row and table rows? That takes forever! What’s the proper way to handle this sort of thing? If there can be so many opinions about how to represent an address in XHTML, there must be a thousand opinions about tables that are really tables.

Just the act of creating a thumbnail in the two different programs required to do that work, followed by uploading the larger image and the thumbnail…well, it is all very involved and tedious. Surely, the experts have got a streamlined way to copy and paste a portion of a text document without going through what I’ve had to go through.

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