We Have Rules Here

11 August 2004

My friend, Craig Cantoni, and I share some notions about immigration. We’re both for it. Neither of us is for the precise way it is being handled today.

I’m pro-immigration, but I’m not for illegal immigration. I’m not for providing the full rights and privileges of U.S. citizenship to illegal immigrants. I believe drivers’ licenses should go to U.S. citizens. I believe U.S. citizenship tests should be offered in English. I believe that people who want to make America their homes should understand that America existed before they did. We have ways that things can be changed, but we also have rules that come with being an American citizen.

Here’s how Craig puts it:

Dear Thinkers:

I’ve always believed that Latin American immigrants are similar to Italian immigrants of the early 20th century and, to the dismay of conservative friends, have been pro-immigration, minus the welfare state. After reading the article from City Journal found at the address below, I’m hanging on by my fingertips to my pro-immigration beliefs. Highly politically incorrect, the article goes where your local newspaper fears to tread and shows how gang affiliation and aversion to education permeates a considerable segment of Latin American culture and persists for generations. If the article is accurate, then President Bush will bankrupt the nation with his ”Leave no child behind” program, for no amount of money can counter such cultural influences.



Craig J. Cantoni
Honest Americans Against Legal Theft (HAALT)
Because stealing is wrong, especially by the government

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