How Many H1's Can There Be?

28 July 2004

I realized again tonight that I don’t really understand the use of header tags (h1, h2, h3, etc.). I use a fair number of blockquotes. Within a blockquote, I may have a style or two that should be marked up using header tags. The discussion I’ve linked to at Jon Hicks’s site simply confirms how little I understand.

I’m told you need to use header tags in order on a page; you shouldn’t have an h3 if there’s not an h2 somewhere on the page before it. It seems like a really complex matter to decide (and be limited to) the use of only six header tags. If you’ve got a header on the home page, it might be the h1 tag. Each title might be tagged with h2. The sidebar might use h3 and h4. Can you complete the stylesheet for blockquotes (and all other needs) with only the h5 and h6 tags remaining.

I’m really confused about this stuff. I need to go back to the books. Which one?

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