Bowman Rebuilds Microsoft

27 July 2004

Doug Bowman of StopDesign uses the Microsoft site to explain why a standards-based, tableless design would be so much better than the current ”many-table” design.

In Throwing Tables Out the Window here’s an example of what he has to say:

The shame is that Microsofts site isnt as optimized as it could be. They havent taken the plunge yet. Users download unnecessarily larger pages, and servers waste extra bandwidth to keep up. At 40 KB, the HTML for Microsofts home page is not exactly a bloated beast. But it is burdened with inaccessible, kludgy, table-based markup filled with proprietary attributes and some awkward JavaScript. Notice I didnt mention whether it was valid markup or not. Despite using the flavor of XHTML, Microsoft omits the doctype on their home page.

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