A Great Book Review

13 July 2004

Todd Dominey reviews Dan Cederholm’s Web Standards Solutions: The Markup and Style Handbook. Here’s an excerpt from the review:

Web Standards SolutionsWeb Standards Solutions is the perfect book for those who are interested in developing standards-compliant web sites, have written a little CSS, have a pretty decent handle on the differences between HTML and XHTML, but have difficulty explaining why one style of markup is semantically, and technically, superior to another…

Web Standards Solutions shines brightest when covering the most mundane—rudimentary, raw markup elements like headers, paragraphs, lists, and so-on. They’re the every-day alphabet soup of HTML, and are abused, misused, or underpowered by countless web designers the world over. They’re not the sexiest topics (which is why there are countless ’Cookbook’ books out there), but they’re the very bedrock of web design, and with Cederholm’s guidance any web designer can tap into their inherent power.

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