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10 July 2004

There are some changes under way that stand to be fundamental to our lives during the coming two or three decades:

  • Regulated telecom will fail in the face of VoIP.
  • Bar codes will yield to RFID.
  • Energy choices will become a matter of daily budgeting in our daily lives.
  • Heathcare reform will become far more than a policy debate for every citizen.
  • Insufficient savings and retirement resources will reach crisis proportions for millions of Americans.
  • Personal and technical security will be a mounting issue for families and businesses.
  • The fundamental choices about how we achieve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will drive a new awareness of the importance of our right, responsibility and obligation to vote. We will once again address the notion of whether it is the government or individuals who are better suited to make the decisions.

Note: these things aren’t negative. They are simply changes. How we deal with them will determine whether they become positives or negatives for us.

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