War Driving

30 June 2004

If you haven’t read a good article about the security of wireless networks lately, this one is worthwhile. Wireless security continues to be a weakness. Wardriving remains easy to do.

Unfortunately, the security problems go far beyond wireless. In spite of years of discussion of products like Zone Alarm, there are plenty of networks connected to DSL lines and cable modems that don’t include enough security and continuity protection. From segments in large corporate networks to small businesses to home office and small office users, networks are exposed. Here are some typical risks:

  • backups aren’t done or are done in a haphazard manner
  • browser popups continue to infiltrate computers
  • virus definition files are not updated daily
  • Operating system patches and updates are ignored or postponed
  • Knowledge about how to configure security software,routers and firewalls is weak
  • Admin logins and passwords remain unchanged from the out-of-the-box condition
  • Firewalls are not tested
  • bandwidth isn’t tested
  • Equipment is not physically secured from those who might tamper or steal

...the list goes on!

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