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26 June 2004

Since the fate of the country does NOT hinge on my ability to debate any of you, I’m not going to. I’ve stated that I consider myself a ”classical liberal.” You can learn what a classical liberal believes by visiting the links. The fate of the country does depend upon the ideas that the majority of its citizens hold.

Some pick people they don’t like and declare themselves for the other side. Some find people who support a given position or cause and align with them. Others have a vision for what this country was intended to be. They weigh most issues in light of whether the issue carries us closer to or further from the vision.

Still others align with those who wrote our founding documents (e.g. the Federalist Papers, The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, etc.). Using the positions of the Founders and the founding documents, they form positions about each and every issue.

Then, there are those who vote with their pocket books. Each issue either helps them or hurts them in the bank account. They vote or hold positions accordingly. Some people base everything on emotion. How does an issue or the people speaking about it make them feel? Once they know and understand their emotions they take a stand. Take a test if you need to!

While I believe sincerely that we divide ourselves into groups or categories, it’s wrong for me to go public with how I have people and positions classifed in my news aggregator. Fortunately, many who have written me are not even in my list of regular reads. Others are people I read routinely, but they weren’t classified.

Anyhow, I’m going to continue to write about my beliefs and positions on matters given my worldview. I will refrain from impuning others in groups. You take a position, you can defend it. You shouldn’t have to defend others holding a similar position. I stand by my belief that those who agree with the positions Michael Moore espouses in his latest movie are of the liberal ilk. Perhaps not, but I haven’t spoken to anyone who has said, ”I agree with what Michael Moore said, but I’m a conservative.”

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