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25 June 2004

There is still plenty of time to get yourself added to the ”Flaming Liberals” channel group in my copy of FeedDemon. Unfortunately, I’m having to move a fair number of web designers into that bunch. It seems that some of the sites I’ve been reading to learn web design often dip into the political realm. I do, too.

Yet, if they are whiney, they get moved. If they lack decent judgment and logic, they get moved. If they say treasonous things, they get moved. If they support Michael Moore, they get moved (fast). If they extrapolate and assume to ridiculous extremes, they get moved.

For those among the flaming liberals who are also outstanding web designers, you have my respect for your talent and knowledge. It’s the direction you’d like to see this country go that bothers me. Please understand, you don’t get deleted. Your site still gets read, particularly if you write about something interesting other than politics.

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