Got To Hand It To Them

16 June 2004

The folks at Six Apart have changed their licensing arrangements. The new prices certainly seem to align well with the ways that people use the product.

Though I wouldn’t have dreamed I’d be in this mode, I’m rethinking some choices I’ve made recently. WordPress seems to be thriving, but documentation is scattered making it tough for a rookie user to pick the product up and produce a really attractive, fully functional web site.

Textpattern, while providing some sensational features and a future that looks very bright, is several steps behind WordPress. Textpattern is still ”gamma” software. There is virtually no documentation.

All things equal, I’d have a list of specs for moving this weblog to Textpattern with some alterations or updates to the look of the site. All things are not equal.

How will I handle this? Not sure. Perhaps I’ll update MT and continue my work with Textpattern. It’s bound to move out of gamma and into a newbie-friendly mode soon.

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