The Ruling Class

13 June 2004

Having observed the dignity and tradition of the Reagan funeral, someone remarked that they felt as if they were watching ”the ruling class.” They were.

This nation is rapidly dividing into a nation of people who are codependent on government care. If it’s not stadium subsidies for their favorite sport, it’s a belief that socialized medicine would be preferred. If not that, it’s a belief that government schools are somehow superior (or could be made superior) to any private or parochial school.

The list of programs, subsidies and entitlements from our government have grown so lengthy that we have lost any chance of truly shrinking the size of government and the tax burden it places on us. Too many people have a depency on one or more ”programs” or ”entitlements” offered by ”big government.”

The Ruling Class is necessary because those who are riding in the wagon don’t produce anything close to enough to keep the wagon moving forward. It’s the Ruling Class that’s doing all of the pulling. Sure, we may have periods where we somehow constrain the growth of government, but make no mistake, we are rapidly becoming a nation of two classes.

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