What They Did For Love

9 June 2004

For the love of design, web designers have endured some rather humiliating treatment. As a customer always fearful of appearing stingy, I now realize that all the fees I’ve paid for help amount to a rather handsome sum. [Thanks to Paul Scrivens for another interesting non-scientific survey!]

By the same token, I’ve been ignored by some rather talented people. I could only assume that assistance with a weblog design was perceived to be ”beneath them.” I’ve also been snubbed by a designer or two who behaved as if they held the keys to Fort Knox. After each contact with these people I was left feeling as if I wasn’t important enough to pay them my money.

Talented designers should be paid promptly and fairly. Their work has value. Customers of designers should be served promptly and respectfully. It’s the way of the free market.

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