Interest Groups

9 June 2004

During the weekend I read tributes to former President Ronald Reagan. By Monday the venom was beginning to flow from the liberals. People with diseases were grousing. Gay people were grousing. People who like to be contrary had something to say. The elite liberal media saw an opportunity to whine. Then, Democratic conspiracy theorists began to weigh in.

Though not profound, original or new, I realized that every one of these complaints against Reagan was based on emotion. That’s long been the style of the Democrats. Find (even one) example of some highly emotional tragedy and use it to shape government policy. Find 3% of the population with the same problem, and they make a Federal disaster out of it.

The vision the Founders had for this country never enters the liberal mind. It simply finds some special interest and turns it into a national cause. The more heart-wrenching the story, the greater the plea for government involvement. Not once is there a concern for how much of each paycheck must go to Washington, D.C. to fuel their interest. It is the time-tested mode of operation, and they are very consistent with their approach.

Fight for freedom anywhere and they’ll complain, protest, whine and lament the terrible and senseless loss. Diminish their special interest in any way and you get labeled a warmonger, mean-spirited conservative or worse. Often, it gets much, much worse. If your interest isn’t their’s, they go into an emotional tirade laced with all forms of insults. It is their style.

To these people I once again ask a question they have never answered. What percentage of our personal incomes should be paid in taxes of all kinds to be certain that all the causes are addressed?

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