Enhanced Text Entry

4 June 2004

If you haven’t experimented with Textile, you should. Here’s what I know. You can go to the Textile site and use it to create well-formed markup. You may have to scroll down the page if you’re using IE6, but you’ll find it.

If you use Movable Type, you can use Brad Choate’s plugin which ”equips” your text entry box in Movable Type with Textile’s features. It’s my understanding that Textile or a Textile plugin is standard with WordPress.

It’s also designed into Textpattern in such a way that it can be enabled or disabled. Textpattern is apparently nearing a 1.19 gamma release followed shortly by a Release Candidate 1.0. Somewhere in all of that programming, someone is going to add more features and bug fixes to Textile.

It’s my belief that this software goes further than just about any I’ve seen to insure that a weblog – made up of lots of entries on lots of days from a writer in lots of moods – will validate.

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