Every 20 Seconds

1 June 2004

Yesterday, Jay Allen tailored my MT-Blacklist file. It was a remarkable set of changes and I encourage anyone using MT-Blacklist to implement the blacklist.txt file that he altered for me.

At roughly noon yesterday two different bots(?) have been attempting to post comments here every twenty seconds. They try one second apart from one another. So, every twenty seconds, I get an attempt by one of them. Then, one second later, the other one tries.

My Movable Type Activity Log is an amazing thing right now. It’s catching every attempt by these morons. I’m assuming that the column in the Activity Log that shows IP address is showing the IP address of the offender. Both of the bots are using the same IP address. At the risk of giving these filthy thieves anything resembling what they want, I’m going to disclose (with some encryption) the two domains that appear to be behind this.

If any of you are able to do anything with this stuff, here’s the scoop:

IP address: 65dot91dot30dot30

Domain #1: l-i-s-t-b-a-n-x dot c-o-m

Domain #2: l-e-a-d-b-a-n-x dot c-o-m

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