Sick Idiots

28 May 2004

Last night and again tonight I’ve returned to my computer to find dozens of comment-spam messages. Tonight’s messages were of the most despicable, foul and filthy kind. Only someone with absolutely no purpose in life could do this sort of thing. I don’t care whether they are Nigerian, Chinese, Iranian, American or some other nationality. They are the lowest form of being. They are the lowest common denominator in the world of filth. They are the reason censorship is justified.

I wish MT-Blacklist could proactively catch this junk. Rather, it will only now prevent comment-spam from these particular fools acting under these particular identities. Nothing stops them from selecting new IP addresses and new domain names to assault the Internet. Woe be unto the first one of these maggots that I meet face-to-face.

Know this. Before I continue to provide a forum for these deviates to deface, I’ll turn off comments and trackbacks completely. They are cowards with no sense of worth whatsoever. They’ll not take what is mine!

I’ve banned their IP addresses and made sure they are now in the blacklist. Their comments have been deleted. As I plan the migration to Textpattern, I’m going to find out exactly how that tool deals with comment spam. More when I know it.

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