Where Are The Patriots?

26 May 2004

Some people hate our President so much that they’d rather see us fighting terrorism on the streets of San Francisco, Miami and Kansas City than to acknowledge the slightest small improvement in Iraq. They truly believe that what America is doing to free Iraq is worse than anything that Sadam Hussein did.

These people seem to give no thought whatsoever to the measures that are required to defend a nation. Their next leap, when the next attack on America comes, will be to claim we bring it on ourselves. I have shrinking tolerance for even polite discourse with someone who can make the leaps in logic that these people make.

Do they truly believe that everyone or even a majority of the American people believe as they do? Have they ever explored the beliefs of someone outside their specific circle of cronies and like-minders? Can they participate in a civil discussion without becoming shrill, whiney and ultra-emotional?

Could they or would they ever consider the possibility that their views are wrong? It’s not about whether they are entitled to hold views. The issue is whether or not their views are based upon facts. Can they cite facts that show how their approach to terrorism would be superior to the one this country has taken?

>From where do they collect facts? Who influences their opinions? Do they think or merely emote? Are they concerned or simply trying to be heard? Are they more comfortable speaking with a group of young soldiers or members of the media? Do they wish they were ”the media?”

Have they ever once stopped to consider how they came to possess the freedoms that allow them to speak out so negatively about others who are working just as hard to preserve their nation and its rights and privileges? Would they know a patriot if they saw one?

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