De Vs. Ue Vs. Pro?

13 May 2004

This morning I’m reading about a Developer Edition (DE) of Movable Type 3.0. This comes as a surprise. Since October of 2002, I’ve been trying to learn the way that Movable Type tags, templates, CSS and XHTML fit together to make an easily-changed weblog/blogsite. To that end I’ve read consistently about the changes, updates and plans for Movable Type.

I’m not close to being able to provide Movable Type support services to others. I’m not a designer, developer or ”power” user. However, I want to learn. I want to understand what changes to a CSS stylesheet causes the end site to look like. I want to understand what the XHTML in the templates is really doing to produce the end site.

Now, what do I do? Do I download and start learning and using the Developer Edition? Do I wait for the User Edition (UE)? Where is Movable Type Pro in all of this?

Movable Type/Six Apart may be introducing confusion into the marketplace they have largely built. With alternatives aplenty, it behooves them to get more specific and detailed with their announcements. What is the schedule for a User Edition? What are the differences between it and the DE version? What are the prices/donation issues?

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