2 May 2004

There’s an interesting link from Digital Web Magazine to Speak Up. The topic is the money earned by designers, a recent salary survey and the discussion broadens quite a bit from there.

One thing in particular became apparent as I read the comments. There is little discussion of the actual exchange of value between employee and employer or designer and client or design firm and client. There are fundamental reasons that teachers make less than professional athletes. We may not like those reasons, but they are a part of our culture and societal preferences.

Generally, we earn by providing goods or services in exchange for money. When enough people decide they’d rather have what we are offering than the money they are holding, an exchange is made. It may be a matter of conscience, but more people are prepared to exchange their money for what Britney Spears is offering than they are for what the third grade teacher is offering. It may be sad on one level, but the exchange of value is reality.

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