Wi-Fi At The Ballpark

1 May 2004

SBC Park is where the San Francisco Giants play baseball. The park recently lit up 121 wireless access points. Some people equate wi-fi with lugging a laptop, and today, that’s probably a valid concern. However, many PDA’s now connect to wi-fi networks.

In the future we’ll have hybrid phones that connect to wi-fi networks where they’re available. What we call a laptop today may one day take on a competely different form factor.

In addition to the stats interests of many baseball fans, the baseball park can be just like a restaurant, a bookstore or a coffeee shop for some people on the go. They want or need to stay connected.

I don’t see myself carrying a laptop to the baseball game. I do see myself carrying a hybrid cell phone that could take advantage of wi-fi! [link compliments of stopdesign]

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