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26 April 2004

Ever since the French (persistent delusions of relevance) showed what they’re made of, I have suspended use of Rhodia pads. I miss them, but not as much as I enjoy doing a tiny thing to snub the French.

Today, I bought my first Moleskine (mol-a-skeen’-a) notebook. The recommendation was the Real Live Preacher’s. I think I’m going to like it. If it was good enough for Hemingway, it’s great for me. It’s also Italian – not French!

Google until you find a source for them, but here are some options for you:

Moleskine Large Squared Journal

If you’ve got other favorite tools for actually writing – not merely typing – post a comment and let us know what you use. We’re particularly interested in the preferences of engineers, architects, designers and scientists. What’s your favorite notebook or sketchbook?

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