I've Just Downloaded The Trial Version

13 January 2002

I’ve just downloaded the trial version of Radio 8.0. My goal is to learn how this tool compares to other web site development tools such as FrontPage and Globalscape’s CuteSiteBuilder.
There must be 1000 questions on my mind right now. I think they have to do with peeling back the layers of Radio to uncover other features that I’ll want in the future. How do I create a different title? What is I have a domain name and want to use Radio to maintain a site at that domain?
What’s this about a newsreader feature? Have I even asked that question the proper way? When Dave Winer adds something to his weblog, what must I have set in my copy of Radio to automatically know about it?
How can I begin ”connecting” with all of these people who are using weblogs to write great stuff? Today could mark the first day of the rest of my life, if Radio proves to be a tool that allows me to participate in weblogging and self-documents the other weblogs and sites that I want visitors to my site to be aware of. Whew – that was a mouthful!

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