Separation Of Style And Content

10 April 2004

If you haven’t visited the CSS Zen Garden recently, you might want to take a look at some of the recent designs that have been added. Go to the site and notice the list of alternative styles in either the right or left sidebars depending upon the style you have on screen at the moment. There is also the archive of all designs.

For those who haven’t been initiated into the finer points of web design, there are emerging standards for web design. One of the key pillars in the standards is ”separation of style from content.” Typically, this means we should use CSS to style a page and XHTML for the content.

The CSS Zen Garden illustrates this by allowing you to see identical content styled in many different ways. Be aware that when you change from one style to the next, you’re not seeing another copy of the content at another site. Rather, the stylesheet has been switched for the lone copy of the content that exists.

Bandwidth, download times and future changes are efficiently managed with CSS. It is truly the most effective way to develop web sites. Notice that you can view the CSS style sheet for each design. It’s the perfect place to learn CSS.

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