This Entry May Violate Copyright Law

5 April 2004

What is ”fair use?” How much or how little of a work can I quote here before I’m in violation of copyright law? Is an electronic link equivalent to quoting something? What is full attribution? Is full attribution the distinguishing mark of a legal quote?

Here are some links to articles pertaining to these questions:

Last week I got blindsided with this kind of thinking. It seems to me that her argument says using a hyperlink is a copyright violation. I’m pretty sure that’s not true. I’m also reasonably certain that I can quote something in full here, and, with proper attribution and links, be in compliance with the laws of the land.

It also seems self-evident that everything doesn’t belong in the public domain, and certainly not instantly. Intellectual property, aka creativity, carries a price tag and a duration. It’s good to see a meaningful debate about some of these matters. You’ll note that Lessig has actually ”updated” his original blog entry in response to some of what Manes said.

This is beginning to make some sense to more than the lawyers!

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