Linking Is A Copyright Violation

30 March 2004

On June 5, 2002 I linked to an article that appeared in Wired News magazine. Today, March 30, 2004, the author of that article wrote this to me by adding a comment to my June 5, 2002 entry:

IP Address:
Name: Nan Chase
Email Address:


I don’t have any record of your having gotten permission to reprint electronically the article Grid to Green. I own all rights, and you are in copyright violation. Wired News passes along all legitimate reprint requests, but I have received none concerning this one.

Please respond ASAP,
Nan Chase
Boone NC

I replied to this comment as follows:


This is easy to fix. I’ll delete the link I made to Wired News. I’ll also post a retraction of you, your article and any further linking to work you’ve done or any that Wired News does.

To more accurately state the ”case,” my electronic pointer to Wired News directed readers of my website to your article. My belief in doing so was that I was extending you a compliment and suggesting to my readers that they might enjoy your work.

My apologies for my mistaken notion.


All links to Nan’s article are gone. I’ve also edited the entry I made on June 5, 2002. Rest assured that her statement that I ”reprinted electronically” is simply not true, unless someone wants to claim that a link praising the work is the same as ”reprinting electronically.”

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