Small Businesses Take The Hit

26 March 2004

In a perfect world, I own my own businesses. In a slightly less than perfect world, I work for a privately held, small business. I define these companies as having fewer than 200 people and a sales volume that is $200 million or less. Quite a bit less is not a problem. This is preferable to me in many ways.

Om Malik shows a clear contrast between small businesses and large, public companies. That contrast is even more pronounced because he highlights what large telecom companies are doing to small businesses.

Om points to VoIP as a solution to this problem. I agree with him and believe there is a sparkling opportunity to come in the ”managed hosting” of VoIP systems. Have your ISP install a Cisco Call Manager and offer VoIP on a subscription or on-demand basis. It’s the wave of the future.

Add voice-over-IP via wi-fi and the dream of cheap mobility becomes reality.

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