Good Isp's Get Better

18 March 2004

For a time it wasn’t clear whether the problem in getting connected and staying connected to an ISP (internet service provider) was about the bandwidth (phone lines) or the ISP’s operational integrity. Today, few people – even on dialup – have trouble with the connection to their ISP’s.

Get ready for the next wave. With a reliable, high bandwidth connection comes the very real advantage of subscription services. Get to your accounting software via your services provider. Get to your Microsoft Office via the same provider. The day is coming when the small firm will even connect to a feature-rich voice communication system via your service provider.

You know what you’re good at. Likely as not, for most readers, it isn’t managing technology, backups, telecom systems and the like. Those are not what Michael Porter called your core competencies. Outsource them to your service provider for a low monthly fee and stick to what you’re good at.

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