You're Fired

12 March 2004

Both the Democrats and the Republicans have people holding positions within the party that should be removed. The third-grade rhetoric concerning who hit whom first is growing more tiresome than any thinking person will tolerate.

Any viable candidate for national office should spend more time talking about what they stand for and expect to accomplish without trying to contrast themselves with their opponent. Let us do that.

I don’t need to hear about who might have gone AWOL without any proof of that. I don’t need to hear who has voted against stronger national defense. Tell me what YOU believe, what you will do and what you stand for. Don’t editorialize about your opponent. I’m sick of it.

If you are the candidate and you have ”handlers,” officials, supporters or anyone else distorting a clear image of what you stand for, then fire them. They do nothing but annoy us. We’ll make the distinctions. Talk about yourself and your views – not your opponent.

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