6 March 2004

Aiirmesh Wireless Community Broadband set up a wi-fi hot zone for Cerritos, CA. I’m searching for a list of competitors that have experience doing metro wi-fi installations – not just hot spots.

The preferred player will have a plan for WiMax and how it will be used to integrate with or replace wi-fi installations.

We have a project that can get financed and started once we assemble some key pieces of pro forma financial information.

MuniWireless reports that the Newbury Street wi-fi network is expanding. Tech Superpowers is one of the players behind that network.

Here’s a list of some wi-fi cities. We want to provide speeds of 1 to 3Mbps to users of the network in a metro area. We already have an exceptional relationship with a company that can provide the backhaul bandwidth. We’d like to achieve price points that are 80% of those charged for DSL or cable modem access to the Internet.

In other words, we’re looking to hire an architect or general contractor in the field of wi-fi. If you know who that needs to be, drop me a note. [NOTE: We are not looking for proprietary fixed wireless solutions!]

* * * UPDATE * * * This is NOT a call for how to hack together an 802.11 network. This is NOT an effort to buy the cheapest WAP and hang it on a telephone pole in a ziplock bag. This is a commercially-oriented, large scale metro network with a need for high performance design, engineering and management paid for by paying customers. FYI!

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