Done Right, It Costs More - Period

20 February 2004

To all the entrepreneurs, small business people and interested business readers out there. Given the (sorry) state of business management software in the marketplace today, and given the lack of real business acumen on the part of many installers of business management software, let me offer these points:

  • making software pay off costs more than you think it does
  • you can’t afford everything you want
  • projects for reworking companies around new business management software aren’t done on a fixed fee basis
  • if you ran your business like a business rather than as a diversion from your hobbies, you wouldn’t face half the problems you face
  • just because you own your own business, you are no better than any other person
  • people who work for you as employees or advisers are not the peasants you think they are
  • your real character shows, not when you’re in the pew at church, but when you’re at the conference room table in your business

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