It's The Templates, Stupid

20 February 2004

I really like Movable Type. I like the concepts behind entries saved in a database. I like the notion of categorizing and archiving entries. With forthought, it’s a terrific tool for organizing information.

For the rank beginner, making a Movable Type weblog look like you want it to look is daunting. If, as I did, you come from a background with no web design knowledge and terminology such as XHTML, CSS and syndication mean nothing, the task of customizing your weblog is nearly impossible. Thank goodness for good designers.

Once there’s a little knowledge, danger is just around the corner. Here’s an entry that describes how to start tinkering with Movable Type templates. It dates back to August of 2003, but it has been reposted at ETC. It won’t turn the person with no eye for design into a designer, but it certainly helps explain how the things that get typed on the screen wind up arranged as they are in a ”finished” weblog.

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