4 February 2004

Long-time readers here know that my site doesn’t validate. In the best of all worlds, I’d figure out how to make it a truly valid CSS and XHTML Transitional design and keep it that way.

I have the impression that merely typing – as I am now – into Movable Type’s text entry box introduces some invalid tags. I’m not positive about this.

The dilemma stems from a need to learn one of two tools. Do I learn install and learn the new MT-Textile 2.0 in my pursuit of a weblog that validates? Or, should I learn TopStyle Pro and create all my entries there then cut and paste them here?

Again, the goal is to turn this site into a validating, standards-compliant web site. Yes, but how? Are either of these tools the ”key” to turning this site from one with over 800 validation errors to a validating weblog?

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