The Future Of "Software"

2 February 2004

This is an announcement in PC Magazine about NetSuite 9.1. NetSuite is essentially accounting and business management software by subscription and Internet access. You don’t license the product and copy it to your file server. You subscribe and access it via your Internet connection.

Otherwise, it is backed up, updated and maintained by NetSuite. None of that burden falls to the small business. Recently, I’ve become convinced that if the mainstream providers of small business accounting software don’t have this subscription-model on their financial and technical drawing boards, they are facing quite a struggle for survival.

Accounting applications are support-intensive. They require great care in setting up and maintaining the networks on which they run. Accounting software can be some of the most costly ”network diagnostic” tools that any company can buy. If a system is unreliable, multi-user accounting software will uncover its weaknesses.

Though many argue that the ”ASP model” doesn’t lend itself to the kinds of tailoring and customization that many mid-market companies need, NetSuite is steadily addressing these concerns.

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