It All Came Back To Me

6 January 2004

Customers For Life!At a lunch meeting today, my reason for being in business all these years reappeared. It was as if the fog and frustration of the weekend was required for me to see a clearer, more meaningful way to earn a living and help people.

Only the initial germ of an idea emerged at lunch, but it was enough to stir all of the creative energy and enthusiasm I felt years ago when I first heard about excellence and quality as they apply to business.

We’ll see where this leads in the coming weeks. I’m confident I can go into tomorrow’s all-day Baldrige meeting with a far different attitude. If you’re interested in understanding a little more about the direction of all of this, I recommend you read this book before you return to work next Monday. Yes, there’s time. Just do it!

Here’s the difference:

  • Indifference – frustration, struggles and merely getting by
  • Passion – joy, freedom and meaning

It’s the very heart of the reason for this weblog!

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