My Saturday

3 January 2004

It’s 9:18a.m. as I write this. I’ve been working this morning since about 5:30a.m. I’m on site at a client’s place of business doing work that I seldom do.

This company is upgrading their business management software, but doing so on old file servers running Windows NT 4.0. A copy of a subdirectory – we’ll call it \AB1 – to another subdirectory we’ll call \AB2 is taking ”F O R E V E R.” There are a total of 1817 files and folders in \AB1. At the rate these files are copying, it will be late today before the real work of doing the software upgrade can begin.

Those who know me well understand what I mean when I say, ”I hate computers.” This is NOT how I wanted my weekend to go!

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