Too Much Time

9 December 2003

I graduated from Mississippi State University. I’ve been a loyal supporter of the university for many years.

With that information solidly on the table, I have a few questions. Why can we investigate, arrest, conduct a trial, convict, sentence and begin a criminal’s imprisonment in less time than we can do similarly in the area of recruiting violations? Here’s what’s got me confused:

Mississippi State has been cooperating with the NCAA and assisting with the investigation for the past 2 1/2 years, the university said in a release.

There were no allegations of academic misconduct or of lack of institutional control, the most serious charge that could be brought by the NCAA.

In March, Mississippi State received a preliminary letter of inquiry from the NCAA which said it was looking into the possibility of those types of violations.

ESPN news story
December 8, 2003

Please understand, I’m not suggesting for a moment that I have any clue as to whether the school, alumni, coaches or anyone else did anything wrong. What fries me is how long it takes the NCAA to do anything. Remember this one?

The other annoyance in all of this is that the penalties, whatever they turn out to be, will be imposed on a new coach and team members who were not at the school during most of the violations alleged.

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