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3 December 2003

This year, close to Christmas, marks the 21st year since my dad passed away. He was my best friend and my strongest ally. Not a day has gone by that I’ve not wished for him in some way.

Those thoughts came flooding back this afternoon when I read one of the recent entries at Frank Patrick’s weblog. Our prayers go out to Frank and his family.

It’s always tough to know how much to discuss between the personal and business arenas where, as Frank calls them, the barriers are often rigid. Frank is an advocate for open, transparent business improvement methods. I think it is safe to say, we need more collaboration, compassion and teamwork in our workplaces and less competition, ranking and judging of team members. We need to understand the things that underpin our interpersonal relationships.

It’s hard to do, but I believe Frank is one of the folks who can do it and can help others do it as well.

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