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3 December 2003

Weblogs aren’t reserved for pictures of kitties any more. The notion of a ”personal web site” has come a long way. If you still watch Dan Rather and find his reporting insightful and accurate, stop reading and move along. If, on the other hand, you believe the ”big media companies” carry biases and distort their reporting based upon those biases, there’s hope.

A weblog called Right Wing News has lists of so-called warblogs grouped into categories of winners. In the weblog world, a warblog gained that label based upon its focus on national and international political debate at about the time we first began to talk about going to war. Remember, many weblogs sprung up, as did this one, shortly after 9-11-2001.

Anyhow, if you’re trying to learn more about what weblogs are and can be, take a look at some of the award winners at Right Wing News. You might find something more worthy of your time than the 6:00 news!

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