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4 November 2003

This morning between 3:40 a.m. and 3:42 a.m. I got 10 comments from the same individual. All of them were spam of a filthy nature and all of them were scattered back through old entries.

I thought that MT-Blacklist was going to block this sort of stuff.

Here’s what I’ve done. I manually entered the email address and the URL for this creep into MT-Blacklist. Then, I had MT-Blacklist clean up my weblog. Finally, I published my blacklist because I believe there is a feature that allows MT-Blacklist users to share these lists.


  • Why didn’t MT-Blacklist stop this attack?
  • Is there something more that I’m supposed to do to make MT-Blacklist work well?
  • Am I supposed to be doing something to update my own blacklist from elsewhere?

Thanks in advance to any of you who have experience with this sort of thing.

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  1. Jay Allen    4 November 2003, 05:28    #

  2. Shirley Kaiser    5 November 2003, 23:17    #