Finding Content For Your Weblog

2 October 2003

OK. You’ve got a weblog. You’ve got an idea. You’ve got enthusiasm. What are you going to do about those times when you have nothing to say?

The weblog world consists of writers and readers. The best of each is also one of the other. So, how do you become a writer who can rather quickly read a selection of weblogs without having to browse to each one of them individually?

Here’s the quick and dirty recommendation:

  1. Go read J.D. Lasica’s article titled ”News That Comes To You
  2. Download the latest beta release of FeedDemon, and learn to use it. This will become more important to you than your email software.
  3. Begin subscribing to RSS feeds for the sites you like, and learn how to post content and links from FeedDemon to your weblogging tool.

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