Happy Birthday, Katie!

23 August 2003

No words that I know how to write can possibly express how proud I am of you. Time together has simply passed much too quickly. Now that you’re at the opposite end of the state, I miss you more than ever.

God’s blessing has been bountiful in having you as my daughter. Your joy, your excitement and the love you have for life is completely contagious. I still wish for a heaping helping of that kind of enthusiasm every morning.

Memories flood through my mind on a day like today. From first steps to first birthdays to all the other mountaintop experiences we’ve shared.

The written word simply cannot express the enormous wishes, hopes and dreams that I have for you. Each day I pray for your safety, your happiness and for your ministry to others.

Please know this day and every day that you are cherished, loved and missed, but I am so tremendously happy that you’ve found God’s calling in your life.

Rest assured that each time I think I’ve reached or seen my proudest moment, you surprise me once more. My prayers continue to seek God’s watchcare and blessings in all that you do.

Remember, Hang in there!

I love you,

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